Airport Lost and Found

All to often we find ourselves either losing or misplacing items when traveling through busy airports. With all of the, long lines, crowded airport taxi shuttles, TSA check points and airline delays its understandable that you may lose something once in a while.


Thousands of items are lost by travelers in airports daily. Haven’t you ever overheard a passenger say “I lost my phone” or “I misplaced my tablet”? Well, tablets, iPhones, Androids, Laptops, luggage, purses, etc. are not cheap items to lose. Your items may also contain personal information or valuable property which could be lost or in the hands of others.


At Lostings we take losing your items very seriously and have built an intelligent system to retrieve items lost or misplaced in, or around airports. Our intelligent airport lost and found matching system automatically processes each airport lost or found submission. We then match and identify items by a number of different criteria for better accuracy in identifying the lost or found property. Once potential matches are generated, we automatically notify you and the person or airport staff who has found your lost or misplaced property.


Submitting lost or found items has never been easier, simply enter the details of the lost or found property and let our smart matching system get to work for you.

  • Easily Submit lost and found items into our intelligent matching system
  • Hassle free account signup process, auto-generate profile and start submitting items
  • Intelligent matching system which identifies and matches lost or found items
  • All submissions processed through our lost and found matching system
  • Receive notification alerts of property that pair’s with your submission
  • Contact the user who’s item potentially matches yours
  • Feature lost items to display on all of our websites and social media platforms
  • Ability to edit your lost or found submission, add photos, print fliers, manage submissions, email potential matches, etc
  • Search Lostings database to gain access to previously submitted lost or found items
  • The Website and Mobile Website are all one dynamic platform that is streamlined to seamlessly work together

On order to access all of the Lostings features, submit a lost or found item.