Lost and Found For Bars & Night Clubs

Bars offer the perfect settings for people to get together, relax, and share a few laughs. Unfortunately, it can be easy for your customers to forget things like phones, car keys, and even wallets when they’re having a good time.


At Lostings.com, we take the hassle out of lost and found for bars and pubs by automating it with smart technology. Using our proprietary software, we will give you the ability to enter items that have been found in your establishment. Our system will then match items that you’ve found to items that customers have lost. Once a match is made between lost and found items you (the customer) will receive an email letting you know that you have their item.


It’s the perfect solution for getting you lost or misplaced items back from crazy night out. And, it shows you that you are in an establishment that cares and watches out for their customers. A must go back!


Submitting lost or found items has never been easier, simply enter the details of the lost or found property and let our smart matching system get to work for you.

  • Easily Submit lost and found items into our intelligent matching system
  • Hassle free account signup process, auto-generate profile and start submitting items
  • Intelligent matching system which identifies and matches lost or found items
  • All submissions processed through our lost and found matching system
  • Receive notification alerts of property that pair’s with your submission
  • Contact the user who’s item potentially matches yours
  • Feature lost items to display on all of our websites and social media platforms
  • Ability to edit your lost or found submission, add photos, print fliers, manage submissions, email potential matches, etc
  • Search Lostings database to gain access to previously submitted lost or found items
  • The Website and Mobile Website are all one dynamic platform that is streamlined to seamlessly work together

On order to access all of the Lostings features, submit a lost or found item.