Lost and Found Inventory Management Software for Hotels, Motels & Resorts

Manage your Lost and Found with an Automated Inventory Management Software for Hotels, Motels & Resorts. Receive access to dedicated dashboard for your establishment. Within the dashboard you can submit (file), edit and manage multiple lost item reports, archive recovered items, add sub-admin accounts for additional staff members and receive system notifications and email alerts when lost or found items match within our database.  Once a match is confirmed and you have connected with the guest, schedule a convenient manor in-which to return the items.

Why Lost and Found Software for Hotels?

If you have guests staying in your hotel, then you also have people leaving items in your rooms, lobby, and recreation areas. It’s not unusual for travelers to lose luggage, jewelry, and electronics in the midst of a work trip or vacation.

Lostings.com makes it easy for you to reunite guests with the items they have lost. Our proprietary software can be installed on your website for free. You simply register belongs it up and found, and customers report items that are missing. When a match is made, they automatically receive an email telling them how they can retrieve what they’ve left behind.

Our online lost and found platform can save you and your employees hours every week. Additionally, it gives you another convenient service to offer your guests, improving customer satisfaction, online reviews, and repeat booking rates. Best of all, it’s all available at no cost to your hotel. Why not let us put it to work for you?

You Can’t Stop Guests From Losing Items in Your Hotel, But You Can Make it Easier to Recover Them

With Lostings Lost and Found Software for Hotels:

  • simplify the entry and management of lost items (auto-match items & claims, attach photos, print labels and more)

streamline the work of lost and found department and save hours for your team

increase return rates

reduce and virtually eliminate shrinkage

guests can submit their claims directly from your website

personnel can manage lost items from any device, including phone and tablet

Sign Me Up

  • Simple signup process, create a profile, login and start submitting found items
  • Access Lostings anywhere, with our website, or Private Business (coming soon)
  • Easily add employees as administrators to the businesses lost & found
  • Add found items into our lost and found database
  • Hassle free automated matching system and notifications
  • Search Lostings database to gain access to previously submitted found items
  • Print out found item reports all with unique item ID’s for convenient filing
  • Gain access to our partnership kit and add a lost and found badge to your site
  • Apps, websites, and mobile websites are all one dynamic platform that is streamlined to seamingless work together

To access all of the features that Lostings offers, Sign Up or Install our Private Business App (coming soon) for Android or iPhone.