Hotel (Hotels, Motels & Resorts) Lost and Found

Hotel Lost and Found

Hotels are beginning to quickly realize the need for a hotel Lost and found, when it comes to lost or misplaced items.  Lostings multi-level system allows users to easily report (submit) and describe (categorize, add location information, upload photos, and print fliers) items recently lost or found in hotels. Additionally, Lostings provides a Inventory Management Software for hotel management and staff to streamline and automate the process.

Guest Dashboard

Guests reporting lost or found items receive a personal account dashboard where they can manage their reported items. The items are then entered into the lost and found database matching system. Here guests will receive email notifications & system alerts of recently submitted lost or found items matching their report. This tracking and reporting automation can substantially contribute to optimizing guest satisfaction and the hotel’s bottom line.

Dynamic System

Each reported item goes into our lost and found database and matching system. We can then match and identify items for better accuracy in pairing the lost or found items. Once a match is generated, the hotel lost and found connects you to items matching your submission. This gives users a better chance of retrieving their items. We are here to help you retrieve lost and found items!

Misplacing Belongings

Losing or misplacing precious personal belongings at a hotel is not always a straight forward process.  Make sure that you are speaking with the correct person, in the correct department. Don’t wait to long to contact the hotel about your lost item!
As the saying goes, “what’s lost can never be found,” however over one-third (35 percent) of Americans have returned to a hotel in hopes of retrieving an item. On average, respondents would travel: Over 110 miles to reclaim lost money or wallet and over 95 miles to recover electronic devices.

Hotel Lost and Found Stastics
  • Hotels receive an average of 100 lost and found items every month.
  • Some of the most commonly lost items in hotels include clothing, chargers, and toiletries.
  • Hotels have a responsibility to keep lost and found items for a specific period, usually 90 days.
  • Hotels also have strict procedures for handling lost and found items, which include documenting, storing, and attempting to contact the owners of the lost items.


File a Report

It goes without saying, if you do enough traveling, eventually you probably are going to leave something behind at a hotel.  Reporting items has never been easier!  Don’t be a statistic, file a lost and found report and let us get to work!


  • Items left by a guest in a guest room or common area and identified by staff and brought to the attention of Housekeeping are referred to as “lost and found” items.
  • Whether in a guest room, meeting room, common area or restaurant, there should be a designated place to collect lost items.
  • Lost items must be stored in a locked cupboard or very restricted area.
  • Instruct staff to take items to the Lost and Found and dispose of valuables promptly.
  • All objects received are recorded in the discovery list.
  • All items, whether valuables, non-valuables and perishables, must be registered with the Lost and Found.
  • Items should be placed in a plastic bag with the serial number, location, date, name of person who found the item, etc. on the label.
  • Valuables such as jewellery, mobile phones, wallets, laptops, documents, etc. must be stored in the lockers.
  • If the property management system has automatic tracking, create a track on the guest profile for the lost property held by housekeeping.
  • Email guests to notify them of lost items (per hotel policy)
  • If a guest calls the hotel about a lost item, only the person with the lost item will answer the phone.
  • If the item is handed over to the guest/picked up by someone approved by the guest, a corresponding entry will be generated in the system.

  • Before booking your hotel, check online to determine its location
  • Try to find out what type of security the hotel offers
  • Try to avoid staying in a hotel room located on the ground floor, especially those located off the parking lot with windows and doors that open to the exterior of the hotel
  • Check if the hotel insures guest belongings
  • Lock your luggage and electronics in the hotel room
  • Make the room look occupied, even if you are out
  • Ask for new keys, not duplicates
  • Put valuable items in the safe behind the front desk
  • Use do not disturb signs, unless all valuables are locked up

  • Contact the hotel directly after checking out of your room
  • Contact the hotel about a lost item and make sure that you are talking to the right person
  • Be persistent on having the hotel locate your lost item
  • Use apps like Lostings, ileftmystuff, or Quore to help track your lost item
  • Some items like pillows, blankets, and clothing may be thrown away
  • Lost items are typically held for three to six months
  • For unclaimed items, the hotel will typically donate to a local charity or place it in some type of auction
  • If the hotel is far away from your home expect the hotel to charge you for shipping the item to you
  • If your item is in a room that is occupied, it’s up to the guest for the room to be searched

  • Easily Submit lost and found items into our intelligent matching system
  • Hassle free account signup process, auto-generate profile and start submitting items
  • Intelligent matching system which identifies and matches lost or found items
  • All submissions processed through our lost and found matching system
  • Receive notification alerts of property that pair’s with your submission
  • Contact the user who’s item potentially matches yours
  • Feature lost items to display on all of our websites and social media platforms
  • Ability to edit your lost or found submission, add photos, print fliers, manage submissions, email potential matches, etc
  • Search Lostings database to gain access to previously submitted lost or found items
  • The Website and Mobile Website are all one dynamic platform that is streamlined to seamlessly work together

On order to access all of the Lostings features, submit a lost or found item.