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Lost and Found Made Easy for Airports and Airlines

Travelers moving through busy airports are in a hurry, are carrying possessions with them, and may be distracted with thoughts of an upcoming meeting or vacation. Is it any wonder so many of them forget their personal items?

Airlines and airports have to deal with a huge number of lost and found items, including luggage, computers, coats, wallets, and electronics. Sorting through these items, and returning them to their owners, could cost huge amounts of time and money.

By using, you can automate this process, allowing passengers to report and describe missing items online. Then, they can automatically be matched with belongings that have been found by your employees. The customer receives an email telling them how to retrieve what they’ve lost, and you save the time, expense, and hassle involved with fielding every request one by one. It’s that easy to make your airport or airline more efficient while keeping your customers happy.

Your Customers Are On the Go… Make Sure Their Lost Items Catch Up to Them

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Manage Lost and Found at Your Hotel With an Automated System

If you have guests staying in your hotel, then you also have people leaving items in your rooms, lobby, and recreation areas. It’s not unusual for travelers to lose luggage, jewelry, and electronics in the midst of a work trip or vacation. makes it easy for you to reunite guests with the items they have lost. Our proprietary software can be installed on your website for free. You simply register belongs it up and found, and customers report items that are missing. When a match is made, they automatically receive an email telling them how they can retrieve what they’ve left behind.

Our online lost and found platform can save you and your employees hours every week. Additionally, it gives you another convenient service to offer your guests, improving customer satisfaction, online reviews, and repeat booking rates. Best of all, it’s all available at no cost to your hotel. Why not let us put it to work for you?

You Can’t Stop Guests From Losing Items in Your Hotel, But You Can Make it Easier to Recover Them

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The Perfect Lost and Found App for Bars

Bars offer the perfect settings for people to get together, relax, and share a few laughs. Unfortunately, it can be easy for your customers to forget things like phones, car keys, and even wallets when they’re having a good time.

At, we take the hassle out of lost and found for bars and pubs by automating it with smart technology. Using our proprietary software, we will give you the ability to enter items that have been found in your establishment. Our system will then match items that you’ve found to items that customers have lost. Once a match is made between lost and found items the customer will receive an email letting them know that you have their item.

It’s the perfect solution for getting lost items from your bar and back to their owners. And, it’s a service that can help you earn repeat customers, better reviews, and a reputation for customer care – all at no cost to you.

Your Guests Should Leave With a Good Time… and Everything They Brought With Them

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The Best Lost and Found App for Taxi Cab Operators

When passengers step in your taxicabs, they’re already on the go. That means they might not be paying attention to phones, wallets, and personal items – any of which can be accidentally left behind.

While the lost and found process can be a real hassle for a lot of taxi operators and passengers, makes it easy for your customers to report forgotten items online. Then, you can notify them when they’ve been found, and send out an automated email that tells them how to retrieve their possessions.

By automating lost and found services for taxis, we save your business precious time and money. Instead of dealing with customer service requests to recover lost items, our free app makes it painless for you to reunite passengers with their lost items – and earn repeat business in the process. Why spend time answering calls and getting descriptions of phones and IDs when you could let our system handle it for you?

Save Time on Taxi Lost and Found Services With

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Automated Lost and Found for Restaurants

When guests step into your restaurant, they’re excited to have a great meal and meet with family, friends, or work associates. What they might not be doing is keeping tabs on phones, wallets, coats, and other items that are likely to be misplaced or forgotten.

Rather than having them call your restaurant and pull your employees away from their other duties, why not automate lost and found with Our proprietary software uses the internet to match missing and discovered items. It’s simple: guests report what they left behind, and when it’s found they receive an email telling them where to pick it up.

If you’re looking for a way to save time and money while making lost and found more convenient for your guests, this is the tool you’ve been waiting for. It’s also a great way to keep diners coming back and earn a reputation for convenient customer service. Best of all, it won’t cost you anything to use.

Give Your Guests a Taste of Smart Lost and Found Technology

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Taking the Hassles From Park Management Lost and Found

Parks are places where people gather, take in the weather, and enjoy outdoor activities. For all of these reasons, however, they are also places where people tend to leave or lose personal belongings. Park managers know very well how common it is to find watches, electronics, and sports equipment left behind by mistake. But keeping tabs on these items can be incredibly time-consuming.

At, we have automated the lost and found process using smart technology. Our proprietary platform lets your park visitors go online and describe the belongings they have misplaced. It also provides an area for your employees to log in items that have been found. When there is a match, our system will automatically send an email to the item’s owner letting them know when and where to retrieve it.

You’ll never find an easier or more efficient solution to park lost and found management. Even better, it’s completely free to sign up and use our system.

Make Your Park a Place to Enjoy the Outdoors, Not Lose Items in it

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The Ideal Lost and Found Solution for Rental Car Companies

Rental cars are invaluable to traveling families, vacationers, and businesspeople on the move. They serve not only as transportation, but as mobile offices, dining rooms, and meeting spaces. However, it’s inevitable that some renters are going to leave belongings in your autos. When they do, keeping track of them and returning them to their owners can turn into a huge ordeal.

That’s why smart rental car companies are turning to Using our groundbreaking proprietary system, you can add an app to your website that lets renters report any items they may have forgotten. Then, when these items are found, they will receive an email letting them know how they can retrieve their misplaced belongings.

Not only does this system save rental car companies time and money, but it leaves customers much more pleased with your service – particularly when they are on the go and stressed about missing luggage, wallets, and other items. It’s the ideal lost and found solution.

When Customers Arrive and Turn in Their Rental, Make Sure They Get Everything They Brought With Them

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Automate Lost and Found at Your Museum

No matter how large or small your museum is, you likely have thousands of people coming through your doors on a regular basis. These may include students, children, and hobbyists who spend a lot of time moving from one exhibit or display to another. They’ll all leave with new memories and knowledge, but some will depart without their wallets, clothing items, and other items as well.

Instead of dealing with misplaced belongings on a one-by-one basis, why not let us help you with our proprietary automated lost and found app? It integrates directly into your website, letting visitors report anything they may have forgotten at your museum. Then, as employees discover items that have been left behind, automated emails are sent to the owners letting them know how they can retrieve what they forgot.

Our platform saves you valuable employee hours every week, and ensures a trip to your museum always ends with lost items being recovered. Why would you handle lost and found any other way?

Visitors to Your Museum See Wonderful Things… Make Sure They See Their Missing Belongings Again, Too

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An Online Lost and Found Solution for Venue Owners and Managers

Theaters and venues come in all sizes, but they all have one thing in common: with hundreds of thousands of people coming in and out every week, handling lost and found items can be an enormous challenge.

It doesn’t have to be, though. With the proprietary platform, you can make it simple for visitors to recover items they may have misplaced or forgotten. Our automated system lets customers describe their belongings. When employees find an item, they enter the details into a database. Then, the person who reported the missing item gets an email telling them when and where they can pick it up – all without any phone calls or visits taking time from your staff!

It’s the perfect way to manage the logistics of reuniting owners with their misplaced items, and it’s free for venue owners and managers. Why would you ever waste time on lost and found again?

When a Crowd Comes In For a Show or Event, Make it Easier for Them to Recover Lost Items

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Lost and Found Automation for Veterinarians and Animal Shelters

Animal shelters and veterinarians offices are busy places. Not only are people coming and going with their pets, but many of them may be dealing with emergencies they weren’t planning for. It’s no surprise, under those circumstances, that some of them might forget purses, wallets, phones, and other personal items.

When that happens, you could find yourself fielding endless phone calls about lost and found items. Or, you could sign up for service through at no cost and let us automate the process for you. We simply add a page to your website that interfaces with our proprietary app. Then, anyone who misplaces their belongings can describe them online. When you or your employees find what is missing, the owner automatically gets an email telling them how to get it back.

If you want to keep your focus on your veterinary business or animal shelter, and not on dealing with lost and found items, our system is the perfect solution you’ve been looking for.

Automate Lost and Found For Visitors to Your Animal Shelter or Veterinarian Office

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Handle Lost and Found Requests on Your Street or Sidewalk

Millions of items are lost on streets and sidewalks every day. Pedestrians drop wallets, jewelry, and other items on their way to or from a destination, often feeling as if their belongings are gone forever.

With, we use smart technology to make it easier for owners to be reunited with their personal possessions. That’s because business owners, homeowners, property managers, and others can all register streets and sidewalks into our system. When someone loses an item that can be identified, they go online and describe it. If there is a match in our online lost and found database, they receive an automated email telling them how to retrieve it.

This is the perfect system for businesses, municipalities, or anyone else concerned with managing lost and found in a busy place. Why not make it easy to return items without spending hours finding the people they belong to?

Lost Items End Up on Streets and Sidewalks Every Day, But We Make it Easier to Return Them

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Automated Online Lost and Found For Subways

The average subway station sees tens of thousands of people pass through on a daily basis. Unfortunately, some of those people are bound to drop or forget bags, briefcases, and other items. In the past, matching lost belongings to their owners has been a hassle for station managers and operators.

We are using technology to make things easier. With our proprietary online system, you can add the app to your subway station website. Then, anyone who loses an item can report it and describe it through a page on your site. When the item has been found, the owner receives an automated email telling them where to pick it up.

Managing lost and found items doesn’t have to be a headache, even if you’re in charge of a busy subway station. Simply sign up for our free app and let technology do the work for you.

Help Travelers to Recovery Their Lost Items With a Free Account on Our Platform

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