Recovered Item Details: 
  • Item Lost

    Lost ID, License, Passport

  • Category

    Personal Accessories

  • Brand

    New York state

  • Primary Color


  • Secondary Item Color

    Black lettering

  • Date Lost


  • Time Lost

    7:15 AM

  • Location Lost

    John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), Queens, NY, USA

  • Additional Information

    The ID has my full name on it: Laura Margaret Goodspeed, with my photo. I think(?) it has my former address: 409 Edgecombe Ave, Apt 6E, NY, NY 10032. My current address is 501 W 143rd St, NY, NY 10031. I used it to get through security, and asked for it back afterwards. The TSA agent insisted it had been given back to me, but I had placed it in the "dog food bowl" with my keys, etc, and it wasn't there after going through the scanner.