Lost and Found Software for Museums

Automate Lost and Found at Your Museum

No matter how large or small your museum is, you likely have thousands of people coming through your doors on a regular basis. These may include students, children, and hobbyists who spend a lot of time moving from one exhibit or display to another. They’ll all leave with new memories and knowledge, but some will depart without their wallets, clothing items, and other items as well.

Instead of dealing with misplaced belongings on a one-by-one basis, why not let us help you with our proprietary automated lost and found app? It integrates directly into your website, letting visitors report anything they may have forgotten at your museum. Then, as employees discover items that have been left behind, automated emails are sent to the owners letting them know how they can retrieve what they forgot.

Our platform saves you valuable employee hours every week, and ensures a trip to your museum always ends with lost items being recovered. Why would you handle lost and found any other way?

Visitors to Your Museum See Wonderful Things… Make Sure They See Their Missing Belongings Again, Too

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