Taxi (Ride Share, Car Services & For Hire Vehicles) Lost and Found

Taxi Lost and Found

Lostings online taxi lost and found, an ideal solution for locating lost or found items. The multi-level system allows users to easily report (submit) and describe (categorize, add location information, upload photos, and print fliers) items recently lost or found.

Personal Dashboard

Users receive a personal account dashboard where they can manage their reported items. Submitted lost and found items are directly entered into the taxi lost and found database and matching system. Here users will receive email notifications & system alerts of recently submitted lost or found items matching their report.

Dynamic System

Lostings dynamic lost and found system submits each lost or found item into our matching system. Here we can match and identify items by a number of different criteria for better accuracy in matching the lost or found items. Once a potential match is generated, our taxi lost and found connects you to the taxi driver, taxi company, or passenger. This gives users a better chance of retrieving their items. We are here to help you retrieve lost and found items!

Misplacing Belongings

Losing or misplacing precious personal belongings without a way of retrieving them can be extremely stressful. Electronics, personal accessories, and other items can add up to thousands dollars, and also host personal/private information.  Losing them is NOT an option…

File a Report

Reporting items lost or found in a taxi has never been easier!  Don’t be a statistic, file a lost and found report and let us get to work!

  • Easily Submit lost and found items into our intelligent matching system
  • Hassle free account signup process, auto-generate profile and start submitting items
  • Intelligent matching system which identifies and matches lost or found items
  • All submissions processed through our lost and found matching system
  • Receive notification alerts of property that pair’s with your submission
  • Contact the user who’s item potentially matches yours
  • Feature lost items to display on all of our websites and social media platforms
  • Ability to edit your lost or found submission, add photos, print fliers, manage submissions, email potential matches, etc
  • Search Lostings database to gain access to previously submitted lost or found items
  • The Website and Mobile Website are all one dynamic platform that is streamlined to seamlessly work together

On order to access all of the Lostings features, submit a lost or found item.