Lost and Found Software for Venues, Arenas & Stadiums

An Online Lost and Found Solution for Venue Owners and Managers

Theaters and venues come in all sizes, but they all have one thing in common: with hundreds of thousands of people coming in and out every week, handling lost and found items can be an enormous challenge.

It doesn’t have to be, though. With the Lostings.com proprietary platform, you can make it simple for visitors to recover items they may have misplaced or forgotten. Our automated system lets customers describe their belongings. When employees find an item, they enter the details into a database. Then, the person who reported the missing item gets an email telling them when and where they can pick it up – all without any phone calls or visits taking time from your staff!

It’s the perfect way to manage the logistics of reuniting owners with their misplaced items, and it’s free for venue owners and managers. Why would you ever waste time on lost and found again?

When a Crowd Comes In For a Show or Event, Make it Easier for Them to Recover Lost Items

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  • Simple signup process, create a profile, login and start submitting found items
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  • Easily add employees as administrators to the businesses lost & found
  • Add found items into our lost and found database
  • Hassle free automated matching system and notifications
  • Search Lostings database to gain access to previously submitted found items
  • Print out found item reports all with unique item ID’s for convenient filing
  • Gain access to our partnership kit and add a lost and found badge to your site
  • Apps, websites, and mobile websites are all one dynamic platform that is streamlined to seamingless work together

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