Lost and Found Software for National Parks, State Parks, City Parks, Urban Parks, Private Parks & Amusement Parks

Parks are places where people gather, take in the weather, and enjoy outdoor activities. For all of these reasons, however, they are also places where people tend to leave or lose personal belongings. Park managers know very well how common it is to find watches, electronics, and sports equipment left behind by mistake. But keeping tabs on these items can be incredibly time-consuming.

At Lostings.com, we have automated the lost and found process using smart technology. Our proprietary platform lets your park visitors go online and describe the belongings they have misplaced. It also provides an area for your employees to log in items that have been found. When there is a match, our system will automatically send an email to the item’s owner letting them know when and where to retrieve it.

You’ll never find an easier or more efficient solution to park lost and found management. Even better, it’s completely free to sign up and use our system.

Make Your Park a Place to Enjoy the Outdoors, Not Lose Items in it


Access to Business Inventory Management Software

Upon registration your business and receive access to the lost and found inventory management dashboard.

Private Inventory Management Dashboard

Personalized dashboard to report items found at your place of business.  The dashboard is accessible through all desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Internal Matching System

Similiar lost items are automatically paired with submissions that match the criteria of items submitted into your inventroy management software.

Ability to Create Employee Sub-Accounts

Create sub-accounts for staff and employees needing access to report daily entries.

Submission and Management of Found Item Inventory

Submit and manage your found item inventory by using our inventory management dashboard.  Here you can add notes, make needed edits mark and label items that have either been returned or recovered.

Search or Filter Inventory Submissions

Filter or search through the inventory management dashboard to easily find recently submitted it.

Ability to Archive Recovered Items

Remove and archive found entry reports that have been recovered or outdated.  This will also simplify your search process for recently submitted items.

Image Upload Capability

Add photos of recently submitted items to assist in identifying items and to help our matching system pair lost and found items.

Hassle-Free Printing

Print fliers for a visual representation of items submitted into the inventory management software or to assist with everyday filing and storage.

Inventory Matching System Alerts

Receive notification alerts when submitted items match the criteria of one another and assist in helping to find the rightful owner and where to return the items.

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Park Lost and Found Software

Serving National Parks, State Parks, City Parks, Urban Parks, Private Parks & Amusement Parks

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