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Airport Lost and Found

Gone are the days of losing or misplacing personal items in or around an airport, with no airport lost and found in site.  With Lostings multi-level airport lost and found users can easily report (submit) and describe (categorize, add location information, upload photos, and print fliers) items recently lost or found.

Thousands of Items Lost and Destroyed

Crowded airport taxi shuttles, TSA check points and airline delays result in thousands of items lost by travelers in airports annually. Haven’t you ever overheard a passenger say “I lost my phone” or “I misplaced my tablet”?  Tablets, iPhones, Androids, Laptops, luggage, purses, etc. are not cheap items to lose and contain our personal and private information.  With travel becoming more frequent personal items will rise in loss and theft.

Unfortunately most airports cannot store lost items, last year the U.S. Airlines alone had to destroy nearly 220,000 ‘high dollar’ items, since they can’t be rightfully returned.  Passengers lose nearly 1.24% per person annually.  Additionally, 55% of all travelers have lost their bags at least once in their lives.

Identifying Lost or Found Items

Lostings takes losing or misplacing items very seriously. Our airport lost and found for airlines, airport taxis, airport shuttles and TSA checkpoints indicates where a lost item may be.  We then notify you where to retrieve the item in or around the airport. Our airport lost and found matching system automatically processes each item lost or found within an airport, airline, TSA checkpoint or shuttle. We then match and identify items by a number of different criteria for better accuracy in identifying the lost or found items. Once potential matches are generated, we connect users with the party that has found your lost or misplaced item.

Airport Lost and Found Statistics

Over 2 million items are lost in airports every year.
The most commonly lost items in airports include phones, passports, and laptops.
Approximately 70% of items lost in airports are returned to their owners.
JFK airport lost and found department is the largest in the world, with over 30,000 items reported lost every month.
Airports have strict procedures for handling lost and found items, which include tracking, documenting, and storing the items in a secure location.

Submit Lost and Found Report

For the most part, we all enjoy traveling but, losing your possessions can easily ruin your trip.  Fortunately, can help reunite you with your lost items by submitting a lost or found item report!

Step 1: Identify Location of Lost Item

Where was the last place that you saw the missing item? Was it while you were standing in-line for the TSA Checkpoint, or grabbing a coffee? Was it left on the flight you just got off of? Airports and the airlines have different protocols on claiming lost or found items.

On the Flight

Contact the airline directly, if you lost the item on the airplane. Were you still at the airport when you realized that you left something on the airplane? If so, check with the baggage claim office for the airline. Did you leave the airport already?  If so, contact customer service to determine the process of retrieving your item. The airline may ask you to fill out a form or transfer you to the airlines lost and found department.

You can click the following link for airline customer service numbers

Within the Airport

Regardless of which airport you are flying into or out of, the next step is to contact the Lost and Found department or submit a lost item report here. Our goal is to satisfy the needs of passengers and to help reunite them with their lost or misplaced items.

TSA Airport Lost and Found

Contact them by phone at (866) 289-9673 or online

Pro Tips:

Tag your luggage with name and contact information.

Lock your bags with TSA approved locks to avoid theft.

Flights with fewer connections mean less chance of your bags becoming lost.

Fewer bags checked means there less likely to get lost. Carry them on when possible.

Take a photo of your bags, so you have something to show if they become lost.

See if it is at the baggage, give the clerk your baggage stubs, so they can track it and see if it is on another flight.

If truly lost, see how much compensation you can receive.

Step 2: File a Detailed Report

The next step is to file a detailed Lost Property report of your item.

File a report

The report allows you to categorize the lost or found items, add additional details, add specific location information and upload photos.

Step 3: Be Patient

Airport’s world wide will see millions of travelers each year. With this amount of people passing through, the Airport’s Lost and Found can be extremely busy. Once you submit the lost or found item report, give it a couple of days to process and wait for found items to be entered into the system.

Lost Property Reports are usually filed before the found item is entered into the lost and found system. You will receive an  automated notification when a matching item is reported to the Lost and Found system. You can then discuss on how to retrieve the lost item.

Step 4: Get Notified!

Once you have found the lost item and contacted with the user who submitted the item, you can either pick up the item or set arrangements for another party to pick the item up. If you were only visiting a destination, you can ask to have your lost item shipped.

Hassle Free Submissions

Easily Submit lost or found items into our database of recently submitted items.

No Sign-Up Required

Signing up is as simple as submitting a new lost or found report.

User Account

When an item is submitted, you will get a new user account with dashboard access, including username and password.

Dashboard Capabilities

Edit, add photos, print fliers, remove or archive lost or found submission, once recovered.  Notifications of matching items will also display within the user dashboard.

Notifications and Alerts

Receive automatic alerts and notifications of submitted items matching your lost or found entry.

Business Connection

Local businesses using the Lostings software have the capability of entering items found in their establishments and connect to users if possible matches are made.

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New York JFK International Airport Lost and Found

Closed: Major Holidays

Location: Terminal 4 at JFK International Air Terminal or JFK Police Desk, located within Building 269

Phone: (347) 684 3604 (24 hours)

Additional Contact: For lost government issued passports or other VISA travel documents, please contact U.S. Customs and Border Protection at: 718- 487-5164 (Monday – Friday: 8:00am -5:00pm EDT)

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San Francisco International Airport Lost and Found

Location: Terminal 1, Arrivals Level, near Domestic Garage Core C Tunnel, San Francisco Airport

Phone: (347) 684 3604, (650) 457-2670 or (650) 821-7014

Office Hours:  CAS lost and found office open Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


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Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Lost and Found

Office Hours: Open daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m Pacific Time

Closed: Memorial Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day

Location: On the Baggage Claim Level across from Carousel 13

Phone: (206) 787-5312

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