Online Lost and Found

Lostings Online Lost and Found is a unique platform that incorporates a dynamic lost and found matching system for individual users, accompanied by a Lost and Found Inventory Management Software for businesses. Our approach is unique compared to traditional lost and found methods, however, the intention is still to reunite items lost or found with their respective owners.

The multi-level lost and found platform for individual users allows them to easily view, report, describe, and categorize lost or found items. Additionally users can add location information, upload photos, provide more in-depth details, and print fliers for local awareness. The matching system gives users the ability to receive up-to-date email notifications and system alerts of matching or similar lost or found items. The system works with individuals reporting lost or found items, along with businesses registered to use the lost and found inventory management software.

"Our goal is to provide individual users and businesses with the tools necessary for an effective and efficient online lost and found."

Step-By-Step Process

  • Enter lost or found item details (e.g., item lost or found, category, photos, date, time, etc).
  • Review details entered and submit the lost or found item report.
  • Receive an email with your user dashboard login and account information.
  • Within the dashboard you can print fliers of the submitted lost or found item.
  • Receive notifications when newly submitted items match the details on your entry.

Industries Serviced

Lost and Found Software

Lostings Lost and Found Inventory Management Software is web-based and designed to assist businesses and individuals in finding lost or misplaced items. The software matches items and connects users with items that match the criteria they submitted. This assists in the recovery of lost items and returning them safely to their proper home.

Some key features of Lostings include customer & business dashboards, inventory management, flier printing, system notifications, email alerts, staff member sub-accounts, and item matching. The system allows users to report lost items by smartphones, tablets, or computers. Admin and sub-accounts receive notifications about matching lost items, within their inventory. The software gives owners, managers and, employees the ability to connect with the party who submitted the lost item and schedule a pickup or location to return the items.

Lostings keeps customers up to date with their submissions. The software services a variety of industries including airports, hotels, pet/animal establishments, colleges, taxis, venues, public transportation, bars, restaurants, rental car companies, museums, parks, and more.

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